10 Common Questions Women Ask About Vaginal Rejuvenation

Fighting the natural effects of aging has been a top priority for cosmetic companies and doctors for decades. Women and men alike have become fixated with their bodies and appearances and will spend money, time, and energy trying to hold on to their youth for as long as possible.

The celebrity culture has normalized this belief and the popularity of cosmetic products and procedures have created a massive push in the industry to continually develop new anti-aging defenses. From exercises and creams to surgical procedures, there’s a solution for just about every cosmetic concern out there.

For women, the vagina has been an area of concern, especially for those who have given birth or experience other conditions related to age and hormones. Thanks to the advances in medical technology, women now have many options to regain their youth and confidence and MonaLisa Touch is one of the best.

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation

This broad term is used to describe any cosmetic or surgical procedure that has the focus of altering the anatomy and physiology of the female genitalia. There are several procedures that are available, and all have different objectives:

Labiaplastythis procedure is done for women who wish to reshape or alter the appearance of the inner vaginal lips (labia minora). The main reasons that women seek out this procedure are discomfort during exercise, sex or other physical activity, or to remove any abnormal tissues that contain lumps or bumps.

Clitoral hood reductionthis elective, cosmetic procedure is aimed at reducing the size of the “hood” that can cover the clitoris. The two main reasons for this procedure are to expose the clitoris more for increased sexual pleasure and to enhance the physical appearance of the vulva.

Labia majoraplastysimilar to the labiaplasty, this procedure is done to reduce or reshape the labia majora, or the outer lips of the vulva. Abnormally shaped or large labia majora can cause discomfort during daily activities and sex.

Monsplasty similar to the procedures above, the appearance of the pubic area (mons) is altered to conform to the women’s wants.

Vaginoplastythis surgical procedure’s objective is to “tighten up” the vaginal muscles and tissues that can become stretched out from childbirth or loose from lost muscle elasticity. Some surgeons claim this can help regain sexual sensitivity, but the evidence is lacking to support this.

Revirginationthis elective surgery is performed for those women seeking to restore their physical virginity by repairing the hymen (thin tissue covering the entrance to the vagina). This procedure is primarily done for religious purposes, in which strict virginity rules are in place prior to marriage.G-Spot amplification – this speculative procedure is aimed at helping women achieve greater stimulation in the G-spot area inside the vagina on the front wall. By injecting collagen into this area, the theory is that the tissue will regain and increase sensitivity.

Those are the most popular surgical procedures for women who are seeking to physically improve the appearance of their vagina. For those who aren’t willing to go “under the knife,” there are few non-surgical procedures on the market that can help improve and manage various vaginal conditions. While non-surgical procedures will not physically alter the appearance of the vagina, these procedures have been extremely effective at helping women achieve the results, comfort, and confidence they desire.

MonaLisa Touch offers tremendous results without the risk, pain, and recovery time associated with invasive plastic surgery. For women who are seeking to regain their vaginal youth and confidence, or who suffer from various conditions, MonaLisa Touch is the answer.

What Is MonaLisa Touch?

Monalisa Touch laser treatment is used to help restore the quality of life back to where it was before childbirth, medical side effects, menopause, or any other conditions or situations that have impacted the functionality of a healthy vagina. By stimulating the repair and growth of the vaginal tissues, proper function and collagen production helps improve the existing conditions.

The fractional CO2 laser used in the procedure delivers quick and painless therapeutic energy that penetrates deep into the tissues, heats and stimulates cell repair and function. The cells that are responsible for collagen production, lubrication/hydration and stimulation respond exceptionally well to this procedure. The laser energy is emitted in a distinct pattern to retain the tissue infrastructure that helps promote rapid healing and reduce or eliminate the effects of:

  • Atrophic vaginitis
  • Pain during sex
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal laxity

For women who are not candidates for hormone replacement therapy due to increased risk or history of cardiac conditions, strokes or breast cancer, or those who choose to avoid hormone replacement therapy altogether, MonaLisa Touch is a perfect choice.

MonaLisa Touch is a perfect choice

Here are the 10 most common vaginal rejuvenation questions asked by women that are looking into the wonderful benefits of MonaLisa Touch treatments:

  1. What Are the Benefits?

    This non-surgical procedure helps with restoring the healthy functions of the vagina. Whether childbirth, medications, menopause or various other causes, MonaLisa Touch helps with dry, itchy irritation, muscle laxity, poor lubrication, urinary incontinence and pain during or after sex.

  2. Is It Going to Hurt?

    There is no pain involved during this procedure and no anesthesia is required. Patients may feel slight heat sensation or vibration. The only pain or discomfort associated may be a result from the insertion of the laser wand.

  3. Who Are Good Candidates?

    Women that are looking for a non-surgical procedure to help with vaginal symptoms that result from estrogen level drops from various conditions like menopause, childbirth, cancer, eating disorders or others. There are women who seek this treatment to help regain the muscle elasticity in the vaginal tissues and muscles as well.

  4. How Does MonaLisa Touch Help with Vaginal Laxity?

    Also referred to as “loose vagina,” this condition can be caused by childbirth or the natural effects of aging on the elasticity of muscle tissue that increases the diameter of the vagina. The laser stimulation helps the tissue’s production of collagen and helps repair mucosal tone loss, which can result in a tighter feel.

  5. Can I Have Sex After Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment?

    Your doctor will be able to give you a more specific answer based on your conditions, but most of the patients are able to resume having normal sexual intercourse 3-4 days after treatment. This downtime allows for the vaginal tissues to rest and recover in order to start functioning properly.

  6. What Are the Vaginal Rejuvenation Risks?

    The risks involved are minimal and most women report not having any side effects. Possible side effects do include slight redness or swelling and some discomfort after the treatment.

  7. How Long Does It Take to Recover After Vaginal Rejuvenation?

    Most women are able to resume their normal daily activities within 1-3 days following the treatment. During the healing period, though, it is recommended to avoid strenuous physical exercise, strenuous activities, or taking hot baths.

  8. How Many Treatments Will I Need?

    It depends on the severity of your symptoms and the cause, and your doctor will recommend the best course of treatment for you. Most women will need between 1-3 treatments that are spaced 40-60 days apart to see maximum results.

  9. How Long Will the Effects Last?

    While many factors will contribute to how long the treatment effects will last, but most individuals who undergo three treatments can expect to see lasting results for up to a year or more.

  10. How Is the Recovery?

    As mentioned above, few women experience discomfort during the procedure, but in the days following the procedure, slight discomfort is common. Minor redness or swelling can also occur. Most women return to their normal routines, including sex and exercise, in just a few short days.

While we hope this information has cleared up some questions and provided valuable insight into the wonderful benefits of the MonaLisa Touch treatments, but if you are experiencing any abnormal or concerning symptoms or questions, consult with your doctor.

No longer do you need to live with the discomfort of atrophic vaginitis or the effects of low estrogen because MonaLisa Touch can help. Dr. Andrew Krinsky of Tamarac, FL, is the best in the region when it comes to providing exceptional patient care and offering the latest, proven treatment options. Visit our site to learn more about MonaLisa Touch and how Dr. Krinsky can help!