What Are the Top 10 Benefits of Monalisa Touch Procedure

One weapon used for fighting the effects of aging captures millions of dollars each and every year because youth is ever-fleeting for every single one of us. While holding on to our youth is a daily struggle, the cosmetic and medical industry continues to give us new products and treatments to satisfy our desire to look young.

One such treatment that has gained tremendous popularity since its release is the MonaLisa Touch for vaginal rejuvenation. Like the skin on our faces, our body’s tissues naturally lose elasticity and function, and the MonaLisa Touch helps combat various vaginal conditions that women experience as they age.

Below, we will explain how the MonaLisa Touch works and the ten benefits that you can expect from its treatment. 

A Word or Two About Vaginal Rejuvenation

What is MonaLisa Touch? This is a revolutionary new treatment that was developed to treat and prevent vaginal atrophy and other related conditions. The fractional CO2 laser was specifically designed to be used on the vaginal mucosa to help stimulate the rejuvenation of healthy tissue function.

The results speak for themselves and more women are turning to the MonaLisa Touch to help restore their vaginal health and regain their femininity. 

A Word or Two About Vaginal Rejuvenation

The way the treatment works is that the laser creates microscopic lesions in the tissue of the vaginal walls. Our bodies’ natural response is to repair the damage caused, and the MonaLisa Touch stimulates a process called neocollagenesis, which is the process of producing new collagen within the tissue.

This regeneration of the tissue can last several weeks after treatment and helps restore normal vaginal functions. Vaginal atrophy is a result of a drop in estrogen levels that can occur as a result of pregnancy, surgery, childbirth, or menopause. Without adequate levels of estrogen production, the vaginal tissues become drier, less elastic and irritated. This can lead to complications with sex, urination, or a comfortable daily life. 

Ten Wonderful Benefits of the MonaLisa Touch

  1. Painful Sex (Dyspareunia) – it is extremely common for women to lose physical enjoyment of sex as they age, and for sex to actually to be painful. While there can be many contributing factors, vaginal dryness can be the biggest culprit. Without adequate lubrication for penetration, sex can be very uncomfortable.MonaLisa Touch helps promote proper vaginal tissue function, including lubrication. If over-the-counter lubricants and creams haven’t worked or are just a hassle, consider performing the MonaLisa Touch procedure to help you regain the pleasure of sex once again.
  2. Improve Daily Quality of Life – the impact of vaginal atrophy can make even daily life a struggle. Being in a constant state of discomfort can make even the most enjoyable activities miserable. A dry, itchy and irritated vagina can hinder anyone’s lifestyle. Restoring the proper balance and health is crucial for taking back the enjoyment in everyday activities and the MonaLisa Touch can do that. 
  3. Combat Atrophic Vaginitis – because estrogen drives the function of the vagina, when the hormone levels drop, the health of the vagina suffers. Whether caused by menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding, age, surgery, certain medications or treatments, MonaLisa Touch can help rejuvenate the nourishment and hydration of the vaginal tissues of the mucosa.In most cases of atrophic vaginitis, the mucosa becomes very thin, dry and delicate, making it very susceptible to trauma and irritation. Don’t suffer any longer, try MonaLisa Touch today.
  4. Urinary Incontinence Help – many women over the age of 35 will experience urinary incontinence to some degree. There are many probable causes of urinary incontinence, but they all impact the daily life of those who suffer. There are several types and severities of incontinence that include:
    • Stress – bladder leakage caused by physical activities that stress the bladder sphincter like laughing, coughing, running or sneezing. 
    • Urgency – the constant feeling of having to urinate and the involuntary loss of urine due to the uncontrollable urination stimulus in the brain. 
    • Mixed – combination between stress and urgency incontinence. 
    • Reflux – when the bladder is at full capacity and the internal pressure is too great to hold. With MonaLisa Touch treatments, the vaginal mucosa will thicken, become nourished and hydrated, and the pelvic floor muscles will regain strength. This all helps tighten the muscles around the urethra and bladder, giving more control over the urinary function.
  5. Tighter Vaginal Tissues and Muscles – whether from childbirth or just the natural aging process, our tissues will lose their natural elasticity and muscles will lose their tightness. As a result, the vagina may become loose.With the MonaLisa Touch treatments, the vagina will begin the process of producing new collagen and as a result, the vaginal walls and opening will regain its natural elasticity and tightness.
  6. Regain Your Sexual Confidence – when it comes to enjoying sex, confidence is key, and MonaLisa Touch can help you gain it back. If you suffer from a dry, unlubricated vagina that causes pain during sex, it can be difficult to engage in intimacy with the ones you love.Or if your vagina isn’t as tight as it once was (due to childbirth or age), you may feel sexually inadequate or feel no pleasure at all from sex. Regardless, don’t wait another day feeling anything less than sexually confident.
  7. Cancer Survivors – because MonaLisa Touch is a completely hormone-free treatment, cancer survivors that may be triggered by hormone therapies make exceptional candidates. Chemotherapy will often cause the body to replicate menopausal symptoms, regardless of age.Because of this, estrogen levels can suffer and result in many undesirable vaginal symptoms. Reverse the negative effects and restore your vaginal health with the help of MonaLisa Touch.
  8. Quick Treatment – treatments are completed in as little as a few minutes and you can drive yourself to and from the appointment. Super quick and easy treatment for exceptional, proven results.
  9. Virtually Painless – no anesthesia is required for the MonaLisa Touch treatment and patients only experience slight vibration during the procedure.When people think of lasers and micro-lesions, pain comes to mind, but because of the targeted region, the special design is able to produce the intended results without any pain.
  10. Long-Lasting Results – typically, 1-3 sessions are recommended (40-60 days apart), depending on the severity of the vaginal atrophy. After the first treatment, the rejuvenation process will be working for the next several weeks. Depending on the patient, the results can last up to a year or more. 

Ten Wonderful Benefits of the MonaLisa Touch

The MonaLisa Touch benefits and results easily speak for themselves, and so do the testimonials of the countless women that have sought the rejuvenation power of the treatments. You owe it to yourself, if you suffer from vaginal atrophy or an associated condition, to talk to your doctor about how MonaLisa Touch can help you regain your confidence, comfort, and health once again. 

Dr. Andrew Krinsky of Tamarac believes in the MonaLisa Touch procedure and is proud to offer it, and other cutting-edge services in order to provide the highest level of care and wellbeing to his patients. To learn more about the MonaLisa Touch procedure, how it can help you or simply to schedule your appointment today, call us today.