‏There are a lot of reasons why women go for vaginal rejuvenation‏. Some women wish to alter the shape of their labia, while some need to have their vagina tightened. But what is vaginal rejuvenation, and are there different types involved? Read on to find out more and better understand the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation. ‏

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?‏

‏Many procedures fall under the umbrella term vaginal rejuvenation. The term covers several procedures that some people refer to as female genital plastic surgery. However, this can be misleading as it suggests that all types of vaginal rejuvenation are surgical. There are surgical methods like vaginal tightening surgery and other types which are non-invasive. A lot of women start thinking about vaginal rejuvenation after childbearing, hormonal changes, and as they age.‏

‏You can opt for vaginal rejuvenation if you are going through any of the following:‏

  • ‏Loss in the tightness of the vagina‏;
  • ‏Involuntary leakage of urine, also known as urinary incontinence‏;
  • ‏Vaginal dryness;
  • ‏Decrease in libido and sexual sensation;
  • ‏Changes in the shape of the labia majora;
  • ‏Pain or soreness during sex‏;
  • ‏Stretched genital contours‏

‏If you are experiencing any of the above, there are several methods of vaginal rejuvenation to choose from, depending on what you want to achieve. You can also talk to your doctor and ask questions like what is vaginal rejuvenation and which type would be the most effective for you. Some women also opt for vaginal tightening surgery just to improve the look of their genitals, and there are specific methods for that. ‏

Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation

Woman Talking to Doctor‏Vaginal rejuvenation can be done via surgical and non-surgical methods. When performing surgical vaginal rejuvenation, the surgeon will first administer an anesthetic.  If they perform vaginoplasty, they will then remove the excess skin and tighten the wall tissues using suture material.

‏If the surgeon performs labiaplasty, they will remove the unwanted tissues to achieve the desired contour. The last step involves aligning and closing the labia with self-absorbing sutures. Here are the surgical methods of vaginal rejuvenation. ‏


‏Vaginoplasty is a procedure that tightens the vagina. Usually, most women feel as if their vaginal loses tightness after childbirth or with age. Apart from that, some women can get this procedure done to boost self-esteem. Vaginoplasty can be done under regional or local anesthesia. This procedure can also be a full-length or half-length tightening. ‏

‏To be classified as full-length, the surgeon must tighten up to a depth of about seven to eight centimeters. Full-length vaginoplasty may also include perineoplasty to remodel the perineum. About 66% of women who had this procedure report that it has significantly improved their sex lives. 

‏Here are some examples of vaginoplasty:‏

  • ‏Clitoral unhooding – this is a procedure that involves the removal of tissues covering the clitoris. ‏
  • ‏Revirgination – when a woman has sex for the first time, the hymen breaks, and this is interpreted by many as losing virginity. Some women can choose to get the surgery done to mimic the original state of the vagina before intercourse. ‏
  • ‏G-spot amplification – some scientists believe that the g-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina. This area is quite important for female arousal and stimulation during intercourse. During g-spot amplification surgery, the surgeon will inject collagen into the region to increase pleasure for the woman.‏


‏This is a procedure that is done to reshape the labia minora and to reduce its size surgically. This is a very popular procedure nowadays. Women who opt for this surgery are mostly those complaining about asymmetry, among other things. The procedure must be performed after the administration of an anesthetic. ‏

‏After numbing the area, the surgeon will cut the unwanted tissue with a scalpel or a vaginal rejuvenation laser. To complete the procedure, the loose edge is stitched with self-absorbing suture material. Because of the invasive nature of this procedure, time is crucial for recovery before resuming sexual activity.


‏Vulvaplasty is a procedure that is done to reshape the vulva. This is usually an elective procedure done to achieve a good aesthetic outcome. It must also be done under anesthesia. ‏

Advantages of Surgical Methods of Vaginal Rejuvenation‏

‏Here are some of the benefits of vaginal rejuvenation using surgical methods:‏

  • ‏Surgical vaginal rejuvenation can be tailored to your individual needs‏.
  • ‏Effective at restoring the tightness of the vagina‏.
  • ‏There is a marked improvement in the treated area‏.
  • ‏Significant restoration of sexual pleasure‏.
  • ‏Improves your partner’s experience.
  • ‏Effective for dealing with conditions like urinary incontinence.‏

Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation‏

‏There are two common methods used to perform non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation. One method uses radiofrequency, and the other method uses vaginal rejuvenation laser. These treatments are classified as energy-based therapies. With both methods, the concept is to heat the tissues. ‏

‏The application of heat triggers the formation of collagen, which leads to the tightening of the vaginal canal. Research also shows that cooling of the vaginal tissues, along with the application of radiofrequency, also causes the vagina to tighten.‏

Radio Frequency Treatment‏

‏Treatments based on radiofrequency make use of electromagnetic waves to tighten the vaginal canal. These waves are similar to those produced by a microwave. The energy that comes from these waves is used to heat the tissues of the vagina. The most common methods that use radiofrequency devices are ThermiVa and Viveve.‏

CO2 Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser Treatment

Vaginal Laser Procedure for Womens Health Rejuvenatiom System Which Can Transform Vaginal Health Conditions.‏This method of vaginal rejuvenation makes use of a wand. The wand is inserted into the vagina and used to heat the tissues. This action causes the tissues in the lower layers of the vagina to start producing more collagen. The result is firmer and tighter skin on the vaginal walls. The most common brands that use this method of vaginal rejuvenation are FemTouch, MonaLisa Touch, and FemiLift.‏

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation Using Non-surgical Methods‏

‏Non-surgical methods of vaginal rejuvenation are becoming quite popular. These procedures can help women address several concerns that come with childbirth and the natural aging process. Apart from the changes in appearance and functionality, these procedures hugely impact women’s overall happiness and quality of life. ‏

‏These ‏treatments‏ can significantly improve several concerns, including vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, and urinary stress incontinence. The latter is a common issue that affects many women at different stages of life. One of the most significant benefits of non-surgical methods of vaginal rejuvenation is that there is no risk of scarring, infection, or surgical complications. ‏

‏What do you think about the types of vaginal rejuvenation? Are you interested in one of the procedures? Vaginal rejuvenation can be quite effective, and most women are satisfied with the results. If you are considering one of the procedures listed in this article, contact us to find out more and schedule an appointment. You can also leave a comment below if you have any questions or contributions.‏